MaxiMarin is a tablet

Maximal convenient form of MaxiMarin is a tablet

MaxiMarin tablet in humic cover can be applied with any method of planting including use of hydrodrill. Humic component supplies nutrients to plant, keeping them near to the root system. And water accumulating component collects and maintains the necessary moisture. Irreplaceable for planting:

  • seedlings of vegetables
  • ornamental trees
  • vine
  • bushes
  • seedlings
  • flowers
  • vegetables
  • while grafting.

Method of application: While planting place tablets in the bottom of the pit under the root system of a seedling, cover with soil and water the plant abundantly.

In addition:

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For best results, use the nutrient gel MaxiMarin for coating root system of a plant, which helps roots not to dry out and allows achieving 99% survival rate.
Gel coats the roots and adheres to them, providing an initial supply of moisture needed for plant development.

Introduction of tablets under bushes and trees


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Introduction of tablets under seedlings

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MaxiMarin injection applicator for liquid fertilizer application

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