Application of MaxiMarin in vegetable growing - potatoes

MaxiMarin significantly increases potato yields


Potato yield depends on the optimal moisture regime. The moisture regime regulation by applying the absorbent in the form of granules can affect the yield.

When planting potatoes with tubers, the dosage is 0.5 g of MaxiMarin granules in each planting hole. .

The introduction of superabsorbent granules helps to increase the germination of potatoes, increase moisture reserves in the arable layer of the soil in all phases of plant growth and development.

It is also recommended to immerse the tuber in MaxiMarin nourishing gel when planting for the best and high survival and fast rooting. The gel envelops the tubers, sticks tightly to them, providing the initial supply of moisture which is necessary for plant development.

There are also varieties of gel with the addition of hydro gel insecticide "Aktara" and /or the addition of growth stimulant "Radipharm".

MaxiMarin Gel – “Antichrush” works in the soil regardless of weather conditions. The validity of Astara 25 WG continues due to the absorbent capacity of the gel.

MaxiMarin gel with the addition of "Radipharm" - is a complex of extracts of plant origin, contains polysaccharides, glycosides, amino acids and trace elements, enriched with special vitamins and trace elements.

The gel stimulates the development of the lateral root system and additional roots, helps the plant to overcome injuries resulting from stress after transplantation and other adverse conditions, such as high temperatures and humidity (both in air and soil).

Expense: 1 liter of gel for 100-500 tubers.

MaxiMarin products significantly increase yields, and also increase the number of potatoes, improve the marketable quality of the crop and reduce the damage of tubers by pests.

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