MaxiMarin Group – is a group of companies which includes a number of enterprises united by a common goal: to provide the Ukrainian farmer with new efficient technologies that were not available before.

Among these technologies:

  • MaxiMarin moisture retention technology

  • Highly effective method of rooting out old gardens and clearing abandoned fields

  • Low-cost way of building country and natural soil roads
  • Intellectual equipment for gardens, vineyards and berry-fields

  • And others.


          The structure of MaxiMarin group:


ЧП Агрореммаш - Спецтехника

Manufacture of machinery for gardening and viticulture, specialized machinery and non-standard equipment.

Агрореммаш плюс сайт

Import of equipment produced under the following trademarks:

Seppi M 
Rinieri S.R.L 
Fischer GmbH 
Clemens GmbH 

Implementation of technologies for retaining moisture in the soil

Implementation of technologies for retaining moisture in the soil.

liga zaschity prav

Legal services for protection agrarians’ rights.

sintez agro h35

Supply of specialized equipment for vegetable growing.

PE Innovation Center with IT "Maximarin" holds leading market positions in Ukraine in the field of development and implementation of innovative technologies targeted at preservation and regulation of moisture in the soil as well as improvement of soil characteristics.

The company produces products under the trademark "MaxiMarin", which enable plants to use natural moisture fully, help to reduce frequency and volume of watering by more than 50%, thereby to reduce irrigation costs and to improve aeration and drainage of wet soils. The most advanced technologies can greatly develop our agriculture.

Specialists of the PE " Scientific and Production Centre with IT, " Maximarin" have many years of experience in solving urgent issues concerning moisture control, using a complex approach to the soil features and the characteristics of each plant, and offer innovative technologies.


MaxiMarin injection applicator for liquid fertilizer application

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