Application of MaxiMarin in vegetable growing - tomatoes, peppers and other

MaxiMarin significantly increases the yield of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, cucumbers.


Sometimes due to improper planting of plants in the soil, seedlings planted in a permanent place do not take root well and get sick for a long time.

Transplanting is always stressful for plants. Therefore, our task is to do everything possible for young seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cabbage and cucumbers to endure this process painlessly.

MaxiMarin is successfully used to obtain seedlings of higher quality in a shorter time.

1 kg of MaxiMarin-granules are mixed with 1 m³ of soil to a homogeneous mass, which is then poured in a layer up to 20 cm, that is to the depth of optimal development of the root system.

If the seedlings are grown in cassettes or cups, the same soil can be used with MaxiMarin - 1 kg per 1 m³ of soil, by homogeneous mixing (machine) or local application under each seed.

The dosage is selected experimentally.

Ready to plant seedlings, with germinated roots in granules, transplanted into open ground. The plant does not experience shock when transplanted or transported because the absorbing roots are in a protective gel.

When planting from 20 kg per 1 ha of MaxiMarin granules is putted into the soil, creating comfortable conditions for growing any seedlings in open and closed ground.

Plants become more resistant to stress and disease.

If the finished seedling with an open root system is planted, its roots are immersed in a nutrient MaxiMarin gel.

The gel envelops the roots, adheres tightly to them, providing the initial supply of moisture necessary for plant development, relieves stress during planting.

Then 0.4-0.5 g of MaxiMarin granules or 1-2 tablets of MaxiMarin for seedlings are poured into the hole under the root system.

Then planting is carried out with abundant watering.

Quality indicators of MaxiMarin products make it indispensable in vegetable growing, as there is no need to adapt to the whims of each crop.

Positive qualities of the drug are efficiency, durability, economy, biological and environmental safety, eases of use.

The term of work in soil is about 10 years at one-time entering! The watering savings is 50%.

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