MaxiMarin granules

MaxiMarin granules

The main property of this product is ability to absorb and hold moisture, water-soluble fertilizers and additives. This jellous mass will work in the soil during the dry period as a kind of accumulator, giving the accumulated moisture and nutrients to the plants, enabling them to grow and bear fruit, independent of rainfall.

Important: the product is kalium-based.

1 kg MaxiMarin-granules can accumulate up to 400l of water.

 The unique feature of Maximarin product is that it doesn’t dissolve in the water. While watering, it washes out from the soil and is active in the soil for about 10 years with a one-time introduction. It helps to reduce frequency and volume of watering by more than 50%, saves water-soluble fertilizers, stimulators, plant protection products preventing leaching of them.

Due to its features, Maximarin improves the soil structure, drainage and aeration (irreplaceable in wet soils). It is absolutely safe and non-toxic for people, bacteria, algae, fishes, birds and soil microorganisms.

It is pesticide- inert, facilitates development of mycorhiza - symbiotic soil fungi.

granuli vnesenie

Introduction of granules with Maximarin gel

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Granules without moisture

granuli do

Granules which have absorbed moisture

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MaxiMarin injection applicator for liquid fertilizer application

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