Current questions of orchard and vineyard protection

The scientific-practical seminar, entitled as “Current questions of orchard and vineyard protection, attendance approaches for long-term plantings” was held in Stepanivka, Kherson region on the 8th of August in 2013. The business entity “Kurin” received the visit of seminar members. The following companies took part in the organization: “Makteshym-Ahan Ukraine”, LLC “Terra Tarsa”, “Maximarin”, PE “Agroremmash-Plus”, “Ahrozakhyst-Donbas”. The plenary part included the speeches of the leading specialists of such companies as:

LLC “Ahrozakhyst-Donbas”

the company “Makteshym-Ahan Ukraine”

LLC “Terra Tarsa”

PE “Maximarin”


PE “Agroremmash-Spetstehnica”

After this, the tour around the gardens of “Kurin” was given, where the working effect of MaxiMarin products was demonstrated.

On the above mentioned territory there was the exposition of orchard equipment, which belongs to PE “Agroremmash-Spetstehnica”.

After this excursion, both the discussion and the exchange of thoughts concerning the results of the seminar started.

In such manner the exciting travel to the seminar in Kherson region came to an end.

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MaxiMarin injection applicator for liquid fertilizer application

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