Report on the VI-th international scientific and practical conference

In 2011 Ukraine left in the first ten in the world on production of apples, the minister of an agrarian policy and the food reported about it Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk.

Most of all apples it is grown up in Vinnytsia, Chernovitsky, Zakarpatye areas, and also in the Crimea. Main suppliers of pears — Chernovitsky and Zakarpatye areas, AR Crimea.

Vinnytsia region became a conference venue, for many reasons: long-term effective cooperation with corporation «Vinnytsia Sadvinprom», existence of the areas of fruit and berry plantings about 14000 hectares, continuous updating of long-term plantings, introduction of innovative technologies.

In Pototsky's magnificent Palace, Tulchin, the Vinnytsia Region, the plenary part of the VI-th international scientific and practical conference on very actual subject «System of protection of long-term plantings in the conditions of unstable humidity took place. Practice of application in gardening. Equipment, the equipment and container for gardening».

Organizers of conference PE "Agroremmash-Spetstekhnika", state of emergency НПЦИТ of "Maximarin", PAO «Friendship - VM», as state of emergency "Teravet-Ukraine" acted corporation «Vinnytsia Sadvinprom». Representatives of the Ministry of an agrarian policy of Ukraine and Slovakia, representatives of the international chemical concern of France, heads and the staff of agro departments of the gardening enterprises, nurseries of Ukraine, Hungary, representatives took part in work of conference scientific research establishments and the design organizations of Ukraine.

At conference topical issues for gardeners - water supply of plants, ways of their decision and practical application at all stages of cultivation and development of gardens in severe climatic conditions were considered. Within passable action reports are sounded: scientific and practical research of the MaxiMarin technology in a nurseries and on long-term plantings by leading branch institutes of Ukraine, ways to use of the innovative water-accu8mulating MaxiMarin technology, it is economically confirmed and MaxiMarin technology application for protection of long-term plantings in the conditions of unstable humidity is reasonable. In a full range presentations on modern equipment and the equipment for gardening and wine growing are presented, to vine-prop production, the tool and container.

Semenyuk Anatoly Ivanovich – the general director of Corporation «Vinnytsia Sadvinprom» told a salutatory word to participants of conference.

Its report was directed on acquaintance with activity of Corporation and a condition of fruit and berry sector in Vinnytsia region, prospects of its development and importance of active work of public organizations of professionals for distribution of the latest information on the production technology, improvement of marketing of production and lobbying of interests of producers in public authorities. For today about 13,0 thousand hectares make gardens and 480 hectares the berry cultures, more than 80 enterprises of different forms of ownership specialize on production of fruit and berries both for deliveries to the fresh market, and for industrial processing.

As the organizer of conference with a salutatory word the director general of MaxiMarin GROUP Yaroshchuk Igor Eduardovich who noted acted that Teravet-Ukraine  group of companies, NPTs PE and PE "Agroremmash-Spetstekhnika" united with IT "Maximarin" and work under a new brand of MaxiMarin GROUP. Merger of companies was served by the motto: «Concentrate on the main thing!».

The purpose of association of the company – providing complex services that favourably distinguishes our company from others and does it to more competitive. Today MaxiMarin GROUP is engaged in a wide range of activity for gardening, wine growing, berries growing: technology of regulation of moisture in soil, equipment and stock for gardening and wine growing, vine-prop production, the tool, containers and container for fruit-and-vegetable production. The company actively develops, and further, plans to start the line on manufacturing of a metal stake. Special contractual terms of delivery, warranty service, equipment delivery in farms, personnel training, are additional services for our clients.

In the conclusion Igor Eduardovich presented again published book devoted to innovative technologies of rational use of moisture. In it scientific researches, practical application, responses on work of a unique product of MaxiMarin on different cultures are collected experience of the enterprise from 2005 on 2011года. In it it is said that application of the highly effective, low-cost, power resource-saving technologies providing the maximum use of ecological resources, promotes further increase of durability and efficiency of plantings, and the MaxiMarin technology will help to make plant growing operated, predicted and economically effective.

The place carrying out conference, is traditionally focused on partners with whom the 4th years effective cooperation lasts.

Hvorostovsky Valery Nikolaevich director of PAO «Friendship - VM», told:

- An integral part of successful managing is risk management: forecasting and prevention of losses. An innovation in this direction – use of modern advanced technologies, use of high-quality universal equipment and the equipment. Productive cooperation with the MaxiMarin GROUP company allows to receive a big range of services at the same time that in turn saves time and means of the agricultural producer.

Under a plant we actively apply MaxiMarin production to the solution of an actual problem of regulation of moisture at a laying of berries and gardens. The rain isn't present some months, and plants develop and fructify! The applied technology makes essential advantage and profit for an economy!

With great attention guests of conference listened to the report of the commercial director of PE "Maximarin" Yaroshchuk Tamara Anatolyevna in whom the video topic devoted to very important problem – to quality of consumed water was presented to participants of conference. There came the period when from the term "Water consumption" it is necessary to pass to active concepts of economy of water, its protection, to regulation of processes of consumption, i.e.« To water preservation». There is no problem of a lack of water, and there is a problem of its irrational use! Thanks to preparations of MaxiMarin moisture in a near-root layer of earth is regulated, and the plant independently consumes quantity necessary for it. During presentation it well shined features and advantages of production of MaxiMarin, need of application of preparations at a laying of gardens and berries. Production provides a high rooting, at limited watering, intensive development of plants and earlier introduction in fructification. Uniqueness of technology that it works about 10 years in the soil and a scope in gardening the very wide: cultivation of saplings, storage, transportation; a laying of young plantings, restoration and support of fructifying gardens. Improvement of quality indicators of the soil, its structure, rational use of moisture in severe constraints of Ukraine, prolongation of effect of fertilizers and means of protection, at the minimum expense of means of the agricultural producer!

The report of the candidate of agricultural sciences, the head of department of an agro technology НИВиВ Beybulatov Mahomed Rasulovich's «Mагарач», was devoted scientific to an economic justification of use of production of MaxiMarin in the field of gardening. He noted that the science was convinced in seven years of experience with the MaxiMarin technology of its productivity at the solution of different problems. At a laying of long-term plantings the prizhivayemost, intensity of development of plants raises, the early introduction in fructification is observed, productivity increases. The economy of means of the producer was confirmed with exact calculations and deduced in schedules. The economy of 2 years for the producer in severe constraints of the market will allow to receive the fast and guaranteed profits! Carried-out researches НИВиВ of "Mагарач", scientifically confirmed and economically proved MaxiMarin technology application at cultivation of fruit and berry production, solutions of the problem of regulation of moisture are given and answers to the questions, interesting participants of a seminar are received.

Report of the senior research associate of institute of gardening of IS NAAN,

Victor Nikolaevich's bug – in details opened influence of absorbents on water physical properties and fertility of the soil at a laying of young fruit plantings and confirms need of application of these preparations, especially considering a high temperature mode for the ambassador years. On the basis of IS NAAN works since 2006 are carried out, the received results and experience efficiency of influence of application of preparations of MaxiMarin on deduction of biogene elements in the soil, since confirms potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and also improvement of quality indicators of the soil at a laying of young gardens. From the given results of researches follows that use of production of MaxiMarin in different preparativny forms (granules, gel, tablets) positively influences a rooting, growth and development of saplings.

In the performances experts experts in the field of gardening of leading farms and nurseries of Ukraine and AR Crimea: Fursenko Roman Vasilyevich – the director of JSC Ukrpitomnik, Bilan Oleg Leontyevich – the director PE "Burlachuk", Zyabchenko Valery Stakhovich - the director PE "Dary Sadov", Gafinchuk Vasily Ivanovich - the director of SFH "Plodovoyagodnoye" - assessed and confirmed in practice efficiency of use of production since 2006 on fields of farms. The bookmark more than 1000 hectares of gardens and berries was made in the different way, practically with limited watering or water not quality.


At any kinds of landing the high rooting of plants about 99 % was provided, their intensive development without existence of a precipitation was observed very much. Producers noted active fructification of plants.

At a laying of a garden on the fields states of emergency "Burlachuk" except a high rooting of plants high stability to frosts at plants of MaxiMarin landed with application was noted, repair made without preparations practically all was lost. Fursenko R. V. noted reliable work of production of MaxiMarin in JSC Ukrpitomnik nursery at cultivation of saplings, a laying of a matochnik, at transportation on long distance.

- By us it is entered into practice, says to Fursenko R. V. that when purchasing saplings in our nursery, and support of landing by our experts with application of preparations of MaxiMarin - we give a guarantee on saplings and in case of attacks the next year we make replacement free of charge! In the apple garden put in the Kherson Region, without additional watering during vegetation, with complete application of the MaxiMarin technology, received not only very high rooting more 1м for a season, but also high a crop for the 3rd year - 10тн/hectare.

Extensive reports on delivered equipment and the equipment and a protective grid for gardening and wine growing, with elements of video presentations, were made by top managers on development of PE of "Agroremmash-Spetstekhnika" by Antonov Yaroslav Bogdanovich and Panchenko Sergey Vladimirovich. The Agroremmash-Spetstekhnika enterprise, provides a big complex of services in delivery of high-quality equipment, sorting lines, mobile piletiruyushchy lines, the equipment and spare parts, its delivery in an economy, guarantee and to service. Trains the personnel on equipment operation. Delivery of equipment of leading European producers of Rinieri S.R.L, Goldoni SPA, CarraroSpray, Taral and many other, allows to make necessary operations in the field with high precision and the maximum productivity. Advantages of the presented equipment didn't leave indifferent even the most skilled gardeners.

The director of state of emergency Legal agency "Precedent", Kotyga Igor Vladimirovich – the partner of the MaxiMarin GROUP company, offered producers rendering of full range of services on economic safety and protection of a property of the enterprise, since prevention of plunders, support of cargoes, internal investigations, check of the enterprises of partners, protection against fraud etc.

In the conclusion of work of a plenary part, the leader of conference Ilyash Anatoly Mikhaylovich, the candidate of agricultural sciences, the scientific adviser of department of development of gardening, wine growing and Minagropolitika Ukrainy's winemaking, Kiev, mentioned important questions on entering of the MaxiMarin technology into design and budget documentation. It was noted that recently at design of long-term plantings, especially in zones with unstable humidity, in design and budget documentation technologies of cultivation of long-term plantings with use of preparations of MaxiMarin increasing fertility of the soil by accumulation of moisture and nutrients, improvements of a water-air mode are even more often used. According to analytical data of the Ukrainian state pomologicheskoy-ampelografichesky inspection application in projects of preparations of MaxiMarin, in the ratio with traditional makes now about 75 %. At the end of performance Anatoly Mikhaylovich answered numerous questions of guests.

On the termination of a plenary part of conference participants left on survey of the PAO production gardens "Druzhba-VM".Гл.агр the Canoe Vladimir Mikhaylovich, together with managers of MaxiMarinGROUP showed results of application of the MaxiMarin technology on young landings of a garden, use of vine-prop production and equipment for gardens. Vladimir Mikhaylovich paid attention of guests to an excellent condition of saplings, despite lacking watering and a precipitation for the last months. Confirmed effective work of preparations of MaxiMarin not only in a garden, and at a laying of berry cultures: on strawberry it is applied already 3года, this year with preparations raspberry, a blackberry, a currant and bilberry were put.

Managers of the company had possibility not only to tell about offered equipment, but also directly to show it in work. 4 mechanisms were in the field presented: a garden cutter Ostraticky (Czech Republic), a grinder of branches Rinieri (Italy), a mower with adjustable width of capture Fischer (Italy), a sprayer of production of the Taral company (Turkey), pole-setting machine Antonio (Italy) and a herbicidal bar of Agrola. All equipment showed in work on fructifying gardens. The particular interest caused Rinieri grinder, he with ease "ate" a large number of branches for only a few seconds. Gardeners gave an appreciation to quality indicators to a sprayer of Taral which is characterized by bigger efficiency and has an advanced design that gives the chance to reduce considerably expenses of working solution, spraying time, labor and, respectively, influence on environment. In windless weather the height of spraying makes 5м, thanks to it the mechanism can successfully work in tall gardens. After demonstration the technical structure of MaxiMarin GROUP was answered by all interesting questions that was approved by all practising experts who have arrived on conference.

For today the problem of protection of plantings is almost main in fight for high efficiency and quality of a crop. Therefore before farms - the problem of search and introduction of energy saving technologies and specialized equipment which would give the chance to provide high efficiency of application them with the minimum harm on environment costs producers of fruit and berry production. Successful application of in due time received knowledge, their introduction in production and an exchange of experience becomes pledge of effective work for the producer.

Behind the advanced technologies, the latest information and experience in gardening at the MaxiMarin GROUP conference there come experts from many areas of Ukraine that in the future carrying out similar conferences is necessary. On end of an official part of conference all present were invited to a solemn banquet where guests took active part in entertainment program in cozier situation and exchanged impressions about the carried-out conference.


Video on the VI-th international scientific and practical conference